Latin Project is an independent group functioning in Cracow, which focuses on integration of people who love latin rhythms. It rose from passion and creativity, which stimulate to action.
The activity of Latin Project began in the Fall of 2009, when we oranized the first independent salsotheques in Cracow clubs.

The Dance

Latin Project today gathers instructors, who lead their Salsa classes in Cracow. Regular courses are lead by Magda and Tomaszek in many Cracow dance schools. In addition, we cooperate with the best Cuban Salsa dancer in our country – Daniel Pancerz, whose classes take place every Thursday in Cracow under our brand name.

The Music

In the Latin Project squad, there are two DJs, that are very popular with the Salsa comunity: DJ Agent Tomasz (Tomasz Chruściel) and DJ TJ Salsero (Tomasz Januszek). These two proficiently move among the rhythms of Cuban Salsa, Timba, Reggeaton, Son, etc. They diversify regular Cracow dance parties with their music, which, thanks to it, enjoy a great attendance. Agent Tomasz and TJ Salsero are more and more often invited to many different Polish cities, where they have a chance to share their music, that has fascinated a lot of people already.

The Passion

 The key to our success is the common passion! Thanks to it, we connect people and enlarge the group of Cuban Salsa enthusiasts. This is why Latin Project is also the people, who get involved in our activities, by giving the ideas, helping with events organization and propagation of Afro-Cuban culture in our country. Together, with many different dance schools, we promote Salsa and encourage people to participate in congresses, workshops, trips and other events.

... so, if you have any interesting idea or you want to join us – just contact us!

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