1. In order to participate in the parties and workshops during the CRACOW LATIN FESTIVAL (named further 'Festival'), the participants are required to agree with all of the below regulations.
  2. The participation is taken as an agreement of the below Terms & Conditions and obligation of their respect.
  3. While subscribing to the workshops during the Festival, the participant is conscious of his health state and is taking part in classes on his own responsibility. The Organizer does not take any responsibility for participants' contusions during the workshops.
  4. The valuable objects are brought to the places in which Festival takes place on the responsibility of the owner.
  5. All participants taking part in the parties, concerts and all other activities organized during the Cracow Latin Festival agree to be filmed, photographed etc. and to have the materials with their image registered published.


  • In order to participate in workshops the participant has to purchase a Fullpass or Daypass (named further 'ticket'). The participants have to wear the bracelets, which are a form of tickets, during all the workshops, parties and concerts included in the ticket's price.
  • The tickets for the Festival are nominative. The data has to be the same as in the forms sent out earlier. It also concerns tickets purchased at the door during the Festival.
  • The ticket entitles to the participation only in the workshops and parties included in its price.
  • 4. In case of resignation from the purchased ticket till the 22th of August 2012, the sum reimbursed is 50% equivalent of the ticket's price or there is a possibility to transfer the ticket to someone else by sending to the Organizer an e-mail with the name and surname of the person who receives the ticket (e-mail to info@cracowlatinfestival.pl). From the 23th of  August 2012 in case of resignation there is no amount of money to be reimbursed, however, till the 5 of October 2012, there is a possibility to pass ticket to someone else with a surcharge of 60/20 PLN/EUR – the Organizer should be informed of this fact via e-mail (info@cracowlatinfestival.pl) and be provided with the person's name and surname. From the 6 of October 2012 there is no possibility to resign and have the money reimbursed or pass ticket to someone else.
  • In the day of ticket's reception the participants should present the evidence of payment and the Identification document with picture. We are not always sending e-mails with confirmations of the reception of payment for the Festival (tickets, hotels).
  • The group discount concerns only the Fullpass purchase.
  • The free tickets for the school leaders cannot be transfered to other people.
  • The payment for the tickets should be done via bank transfer within 7 days of the booking date, or if buying ticket during the Festival to pay in the ticket office. In case of the booking of cheaper passes in the timeslots indicated by the Organizer, the booking date is the day in which the bank transfer has been made.
  • The booking for the workshops can be done via the application form on the website or during the Festival if there are the places left.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to change the instructors (for instance in case of fateful circumstances) and to replace them with others. Such a change does not give right to the participant to resign from the ticket and receive the reimbursement.


  • In the building in which the workshops take place, smoking and consuming alcohol are forbidden. People being under the effect of alcohol or any other intoxicating substances are not allowed to participate in classes.
  • To the balroom the participants can enter only in the clean changing shoes which do not destroy the floor (without any metal elements that may have direct contact with the floor, without leaving any traces on the floor)
  • People who are not obeying these Regulations, their behaviour is disturbing to other participants or is dangerous to the security of the participants and the equipment of the building in which classes takes place, may be asked to leave the room. The participants agree to respect the rights and dignity of employees and others participants of the Festival.
  • The participants of workshops are asked to respect the equipment and material goods located in the building in which classes take place and to recompansate any material loss resulting from the non-compliance to the rules applying in the workshops' building. For the material damages caused by the under-aged are responsible their parents or wardens.
  • It is forbidden to film or take pictures during the workshops. If the instructor allows it is permitted after the workshops.

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